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Here you can read everything about my album COLOURS!

What about COLOURS?

It took me over fifteen years to finish the album. It has 12 songs about experiences I had in that time period like love, joy, heartbreak and happiness. Every song has its own story and a different style.

With genres as Electropop, Hiphop, Indie and Spoken word this album is packed with variety.

Inspired by artists like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles COLOURS has a new and unique pop sound to it. It’s an emotional adventure between songs as you listen trough the album.

A story about being yourself and never letting go.


Being yourself isn’t always easy. Getting bullied, feeling invisible or being insecure are just some examples of how we get into depression. With my album COLOURS I want to encourage people to believe in themselves and live life without regret.

I wish to inspire them with my music and lyrics. To give them something they can find hope and strength in.

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What about the songs?

What about the songs?

When I started with my single I already knew most of the songs that where gonna be on the album. I made this album by putting together parts from other projects. I released the 4 U ONLY EP because that was a stand alone project. I Am The Sun was a song I added because I wrote it recently when I created the album. Cloudy, On The Floor, What U R, I'm Not Him, Showgirl, We Will Pray and Dream With Me are from my first musical project Life Colours. I created Life Colours as a musical project but soon lyrics where formed on it and I knew one day I had to put them together. When I recreated the songs I had to rewrite part of the lyrics as well. 12 songs where the total I was aiming for and I placed every song on a specific spot in the list to tell a story. I hope you enjoy the story I created for you.

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