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Royal Theater

Get inspired by the many different songs and genres brought to you by Joey Boss. By using a loopstation to replay all of his instruments he can create an unique setting where he alone can form a full song from the ground up. Come and join an evening full of beautifull music and emotional lyrics. 

Music Video's

Music Video's

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Hello everyone.


I am Joey Boss, a dutch singer songwriter. I write all sorts of songs.

Mostly about people or experiences I had throughout my life.

My style of music sounds similar to Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift.

My songs can be uplifting and happy but also very emotional and real.

Anyway I hope you feel the same as I feel when you listen to them.


My first single CLOUDY came out on April 15 2021. I've written it in 2009.

It's a mix between Electropop and Synthpop from the 80s.

With Cloudy I hope to pull people out of their depression for a moment 

and make them feel happy and hopefull. 

On March 4 2022 my EP 4 U ONLY came out.

I wrote my EP while traveling in england with only 4 demo recordings to write lyrics on. 

There are 4 songs on this Ep.

LOLLIPOP LOVERS: with a touch of Electropop similar to Melanie Martinez.

FIND YOU: sounding like a indie record, much like John Mayor.

UP ABOVE: bringing out the Hiphop vibes and Dreampop.

ALONE (MY LOVE): this is the kinda song you want to Dance to.

My single ON THE FLOOR came out on September 29 2022.

It has a Hiphop genre similar to Shape Of You from Ed Sheeran.

On December 9 2022 I released my single WHAT U R which is my first ballad.

It's about a summer crush I had but lost over the years because of the long distance.

My new album COLOURS came out on 12 august 2023 with 5 new songs!!

Together with the previous 7 songs the album contains 12 songs.

It has a variety of genres from Electropop to Hiphop and Indie to Spoken word.

With this album I want to inspire people to be themselves and bring happiness 


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